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     MCW’s Automotive Paint Reference Guide for  Model Cars is not intended to replace our regular price
     catalog, which includes sizes, prices, miscellaneous and accessory products, and order forms.  The guide
     lists the manufacturer’s color codes; the individual make’s color name; MCW’s air brush part number
     where available; and MCW’s aerosol can part number where applicable.  In the guide, passenger cars
     produced by American Motors; Chrysler Corporation; Ford Motor Company; General Motors; 
     Miscellaneous companies including Auburn-Cord, Kaiser-Frazer, Packard, Studebaker, Willys/Jeep and
     VW are listed by year.  The listing of the automobile manufacturer’s paint color codes makes it easier to
     identify the correct color for a particular car.  A short description of the color is included, to give those not
     familiar with the original color an idea of what the color is.  It would be impossible to give a complete color
     description or provide color samples for the thousands of original factory colors listed in the guide.  Inform-
     ation in MCW’s paint reference is true to the best of our knowledge and is not intended to be complete.   
     It was compiled from materials by Martin-Senour and PPG which MCW has acquired in over thirteen years
     of business.

     MCW’s automotive finishes are lacquer mixed from the original factory formulas by either PPG or Martin-
     Senour.  Colors that no longer have formulas available are matched by PPG or MCW to the original factory
     color chips.  Although MCW air brush and aerosol color information is listed, the reference guide would
     be useful to all model car builders regardless of what brand of paint they are using.  Every effort has been
     made to make sure that the information contained in Model Car World Automotive Finishes Reference
     Guide for Model Cars is correct.  We cannot assume any responsibility for any loss, due to omissions and
     printing errors, arising from the use of this book.  It is intended strictly to aid in model car building.
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