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Exclusively cast by: Model Car World Resin Replicas

Model Car World Resin Replicas aims to provide you with quality resin castings, with only minor cleanup and fitting required. Kits include instructions for chassis conversions and/or parts swapping. Chrome parts must be painted with Alclad II Chrome, covered with Bare-Metal Foil or sent by the builder to be plated. Small pinholes or air bubbles are easily filled with putty. We recommend MCW's 0900 Polyester Putty. Use a good super glue or 5 minute epoxy for assembly. For body or parts warpage, heat the area with a hair dryer until pliable. Straighten the part while soft and hold it under cold water to set in place.  The resin can be painted with any paint. MCW sells excellent primer plus thousands of factory original colors for stock and race cars. There will be new releases periodically, so check for updates. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. You will be promptly notified of any longer delays. We offer limited production computer printed decals with most kits.


No phone or COD orders.


Check availability before ordering decals - all three of our Alps printers are broken.
Therefore, out-of-stock decals can't be reprinted.  All are while supply lasts.


CHV-54   1954 Chevy Custom Chopped Top Fastback (1/25th scale)  $27.00
       (Customized body, louvered hood, two custom grills, & rear window deck.
        Use Revell '54 Sedan Gasser kit for all parts - requires chassis mods to lower)


OLD-54ht   1954 Olds Super 88 Holiday 2dr. Ht.  (1/25th scale)  $60.00 (Complete kit)
      (stock body, chassis, engine, interior, tires & wheels, & vacuformed glass)

OLD-54sd   1954 Olds 88 2dr. Sedan  (1/25th scale)  $60.00 (Complete kit)
      (stock body, chassis, engine, interior, tires & wheels, & vacuformed glass)
    With Hyway Patrol TV show decals    $63.00
    With NASCAR decals (specify - #14 Hershel McGriff, #87 Buck Baker,
                                                         or #88 Tim Flock)


PON-56ht   1956 Pontiac 860 Catalina 2dr. Hardtop (1/25th scale)  $50.00(Complete kit)
      (Stock body, bumpers, interior, detailed promo style chassis, w/w tires & wheels,
        & vacuformed glass. Hood molded closed.)

CAT-59sd   1959 Pontiac Catalina 2dr. Sedan (1/25th scale)  $50.00
    Complete car - specify stock or NASCAR interior
      (except wheels & tires - hood molded closed)
    NASCAR - with #16 Elmo Langley/Dick Joslin decals    $58.00

CAT-60sd   1960 Pontiac Catalina 2dr. Sedan (1/25th scale)  $50.00
    Complete car - stock only
      (except wheels & tires - hood molded closed)


MCW was not able to get the decal people to do racing decals for our kits, so we do our own. The decals we are doing ourselves are computer printed and are very low production.  They are available only with kits, unless listed above as decals only.
They are NOT SLIXX DECAL QUALITY.  Hand done on our computer and alps printer, quality is good and appropriate for vintage race cars.   We do the best we can to provide racing history no one else can or will.
 See RESIN GALLERY for pictures of most of our kits built for display.

Thanks to all modelers for your support!

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